Hey friends,

My name is Jay. I am a digital marketing leader and strategist.

I specialise in assisting marketing leaders, founders, and business owners in navigating the complexities of the digital landscape, empowering them to make informed decisions when it comes to building a new website or engaging with marketing agencies. With my independent consultancy, I provide invaluable insights and expertise, allowing you to launch successful digital marketing initiatives and be fully prepared for the website request for proposal (RFP) process.

Jay Clair Skill Stack

With 10 plus years in digital marketing and a further 10 years in traditional sales and marketing. My skill base is broad but focused on delivering digital marketing wins.

Digital Marketing Strategy

With many levers to pull in digital marketing. The key is into understanding your customers and delivering a strategy that solves their pain points.

Content Strategy & Plan

Content is the backbone of any traffic growth through SEO. It’s what helps build topical authority to build organic traffic.


I am an SEO fanatic and believe it’s the backbone of sustainable business growth.

Performance Marketing

When you are looking for instant results. Tapping into paid channels such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, and LinkedIn Ads is a sure fire way to gain results fast.

CRM, Email & Marketing Automation

A proponent of utilising Hubspot as the backbone of any CRM strategy to capture customer information and deliver an optimal customer experience.

AI Enablement

An advocate for businesses tapping into to artificial intelligence to understand how this game-changing technology can help their business gain a competitive edge.

A little more about me

My personal philosophies

Authentic and honest

In today’s society, many shy away from being their true self. I am a proponent and advocate of being authentic and honest about how you think and feel. Having deep discussions with people is something I enjoy. Approaching difficult topics from a position of understanding and empathy has led me to pragmatic changes in beliefs.

Family Commitment

The most important thing to me is my family, albeit second on this list. But they mean the world to me. I have 2 amazing kids and a very supportive wife. While I like getting shit done, my priority is my family and always will be.

Do you have any question?
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What people say about me

Clint McIntyre

Founder Honest Fox

I couldn’t recommend Jay enough, his knowledge of all facets of digital marketing are second to to none. He has been integral to shaping our marketing department and he always has a business first philosophy that our clients have always appreciated.

Chloe Le Grand

Account Director OMD

In my 7-year career, I’ve never worked with someone who is willing to be a coach and mentor those outside of his immediate team. Jay is someone who will happily jump on a call and work through any problem. He exemplifies the characteristics of a true leader and a marketing expert. You would be able to count on Jay to inspire and motivate the team. Quality marketing approaches are a guarantee if you have Jay in your team, and he’ll most certainly deliver results for any client or brand. To put it succinctly Jay is a gun.

Sofie Bergkvist

Consultant / Analytics @ NoA Connect Sweden

He’s not only a brilliant leader who trusts and motivates his team, but also an absolute gun when it comes to marketing strategy. His ability to align business and marketing goals, develop strategies that perform and communicate this with clients and peers are unparalleled. He has all the qualities you need from a highly-skilled T-shaped marketer and is also an absolute weapon when it comes to SEO. If Jay is on your team you know that you’re heading in the right direction, any organisation would be lucky to have him!

Keen to Collaborate

I’m always looking to connect with like minded individuals so feel free to hit me up. Your best best is to reach out on LinkedIn