Man Shops At Garage Sale, Looks Under The Table And Immediately Feels Something Isn’t Right

People have so many prized possessions. You can ask anyone you encounter what is most near and dear to them, and I can guarantee that they’ll list off more than one item in their home that they adore. Of course, this applies to children as well but for them, these possessions change all the time. As they grow older, children begin to value different things. So, what happens to all the stuff they once loved in their childhood? It gets donated or sold at a local garage sale.

A garage sale is exactly what the man, Bruce, in the video below was checking out when he came across something that caught him off guard. Something that probably belonged to the kids of the family.

Sue put on a yard sale with the typical items up for grabs: furniture, light stands, kids’ books, etc. There was nothing different or new about this sale until Bruce took a peek under the table that was sitting in the middle of the driveway. There was a row of old bats, arranged and up for sale. There was one bat that immediately caught his eye — an old, frayed one that was being sold for $1.

Of course, there were probably many young boys who played with this bat, hoping to score that homerun they were keenly anticipating. But these kids didn’t know that the bat they played with all along belonged to baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

Bruce says, “The unique grip of the bat was Jackie Robinson’s style.” But it wasn’t just the grip that told Bruce this was Jackie’s bat. He took the prized possession over to Sue and asked her for a pencil. He then rubbed the pencil over the wood to show her the place where the baseball star had engraved his name.

Click on the link below and watch the full story unfold!

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