My friend ran the London Marathon and ended up with a broken leg. She managed to get to the finish line with help from other runners and St John Ambulance raising just over £4000 for Children with Cancer UK. She’s sat at home in pain. Show her some love!

A school teacher from Poole has thanks the ”wonderful strangers” who helped her compete the last four miles of the London Marathon…with a broken leg!

Jo Denton thought she had just sprained her knee. Runners and volunteers gave her piggy backs and carried her to the finishing line so she could claim her medal. She was also lent a pair of crutches by a spectator.

An X-ray then revealed she had actually broken her leg!

Writing on social media, Jo Denton said she had been on target for a six-hour finish, but she felt pain in her knee after 22 miles. She persevered thinking it was just a sprain.

She said her knee and shin “totally gave way” at 25 miles.

She was helped by and pushed in a wheelchair by St John Ambulance.

On Facebook, Ms Denton said:

She was raising money for Children with Cancer UK where half the money was raised from students and staff at Poole Grammar School where she works as a maths teacher.