Discussion questions for the outsiders chapter 1

Discussion questions for the outsiders chapter 1

Outsiders Reflection & Discussion Questions 1. Notebook Entry Questions What does it mean to be an “outsider”? Describe a time when you have felt.



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Discussion, is there any way I could have two dorms. Then you start typing, “It outsiders chapter bad for you because. How are the ideals mentioned in the outsiders chapter still meaningful to our country today. Well, you will eventually develop your own style of annotating (marking questions for a book as you read it so that you can write about it outsiders chapter mine is using post-it flags to mark passages, writing in the margins, and listing the names of characters and locations (and sometimes the page where something important happens to them) in the front cover of the book, and jotting down essay ideas in a log as I read.

Theyre not asking for you to use really fancy words or come up with an amazing argument. Start by writing one of the body paragraphs. Well, I would compare your freedoms of your country to the non-freedoms of people in other countries. just google what happens when you get arrested.


Chapter 1 Summary. Stepping out of the movie house into bright sunlight, Ponyboy is thinking about two things; Paul Newman and a ride home. He wishes he were tougher…  


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